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Legislative Update
from Local 685's lobbyist in Sacramento, Tim Yaryan

December 14, 2017

Click here for our latest Legislative Report in preparation for the New Year’s Legislative Report. All bills which were chaptered or vetoed are now off our radar. The remainders are bills that we carry over to 2018 – two year bills.

All bills which are still in the house of origin (i.e. Assembly Bills still in the Assembly and Senate Bills still in the Senate) have until January 31, 2018 to pass their house of origin, or they will be dead for the session. Since January is a deadline month, it will be very busy.

All bills which have passed to the second house (i.e. Assembly Bills in the Senate, Senate Bills in the Assembly) have until June 1, 2018 to pass the second house.

These rules do not apply to Resolutions or Constitutional Amendments, only to bills.

There are some important deadlines coming up after the Legislature re-convenes on January 3, 2018. The first is the annual submission of the Governor’s Budget on January 10. The second is the deadline for submission of bill requests to Legislative Counsel for drafting. The 2018 deadline is early. Requests must be submitted by January 19. The third is the January 31 deadline to pass house of origin bills. Fourth, February 16 is the last day for new bill introductions for the 2018 legislative session, and, yes, we will be reviewing several thousand new bills for 2018. Unlike the first year of a two year session, the beginning of the second year is extremely busy!

Finally, on January 1, the Law Offices of Timothy Yaryan, the Law Offices of John Lovell and Matthew Siverling and Associates will merge and become the Lobbying Firm of Yaryan, Siverling and Lovell. John and Matt have worked closely with me for the past three and one half years on your account, and I couldn’t be happier with the team we have in place for you, going forward into 2018!

For our public safety clients who are on duty during the holidays, thank you for your service! For everyone, Matt, John, Deb, Carol, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the holidays!