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Can I Vent?

by Stacy Ford, Camps Vice President

Sisters and Brothers,

All the years I have represented this Union I have never lied to you about anything. I have always been transparent. I must admit that I may have made you mad by my response to a particular question or situation, but I have always been truthful.

Today I am going to speak truth. I already know some of you are going to be offended about what I am going to say. But it needs to be said and it is truthful. It is me being transparent with you. Some of you have no issue with being transparent with me.

So, here we go. Some of you spend a lot of time complaining about what the Union leadership is doing or not doing. It is rare that we get complimented for our hard work, time, and effort that we put in fighting to keep and protect what we already have.

Today I am asking you, I am pleading with you, to stop complaining, get off the sidelines talking trash about us, and stand with us in solidarity on Tuesday, August 16th at 10 AM. Join us as we send a message to the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Others and I will address our concerns to the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. It would be an awesome experience to look into the crowd and see Local 685 members standing in solidarity. All we need is one hour and 30 minutes of your time. All you have to do is put on a green Union shirt that will be provided at the rally. Make some noise in support of the speakers as they speak and stand there in the crowd. That’s it. That is all we are asking.

REMEMBER THIS: NUMBERS SPEAK VOLUME. 100 is better than 50. 200 is better than 100. Let’s show up and show out.

Click here for a downloadable flyer, which contains all details.

See you on August 16th at 500 W. Temple Street, Downton Los Angeles.

Stacy K. Ford

Camps Vice President

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