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Welcome Back! We Have Alot of Work Ahead of Us

AFSCME Local 685 Member DSO Medrano was feeling both nervous and anxious as she approached the entrance of Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, where she was set to begin her skills training as she returns to her career with the Probation Department after a successful fight by our Union to get her job back. Medrano worked in Probation for ten years until six years ago; unfortunately, DSO Medrano was discharged. "I was surprised as I had never received any discipline or write-ups," Medrano explained. She previously worked in the compound at Barry J. Nidorf.

In addition, DSO Monreal and DSO Hampton are returned back to work after having their cases successfully represented in civil service by our very own attorney, Esteban Lizardo. Having a subject matter expert like attorney Lizardo, who excels in civil service law, is tremendously helpful. DSO Monreal commented, "Mr. Lizardo had a very friendly manner and was certainly informative." DSO Hampton said, “I was impressed by Mr. Lizardo's ability to relate to both the legal aspects and the real happenings in the Halls.” Medrano added, “Sometimes Mr. Lizardo might be a little hard to reach by telephone, but when he gets down to business, he is very professional and outstanding.”

DSO Monreal and Hampton were away from their Probation jobs for almost five years. DSO Monreal had been with the Probation Department for three years, and DSO Hampton for eleven years. On his first day of training, DSO Hampton remarked, "It seems as though I never left, but I am sure it will have a more significant impact once I get back in a unit." Thanks to the assistance of attorney Lizardo, these officers will be fully compensated with back pay.

Congratulations to them, and welcome back!

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