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Assaults on Officers Escalate; Local 685 Demands Emergency Meeting With Department Leadership

Over the last ten days, at least three Detention Services Officers (DSOs) have been assaulted by juveniles – one at Camp Rocky (Feb. 7), one at Central Juvenile Hall (Feb. 17), and one at Camp Kilpatrick (Feb. 12) – requiring a transfer to the hospital for all three DSOs.

One assault is too many; three in ten days is clearly a tipping point.

Local 685 is providing support to these three members and their families and has requested an emergency meeting with Probation Department leadership to examine causes of these escalating attacks and to demand improvements in policies and staffing.

We will update you as we gather more in

formation. In the meantime, please exercise extreme caution and continue to follow all

current safety protocols – your safety must come first!

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