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BREAKING NEWS: AB 695 Moves to Senate Floor for Approval

Thanks to the heroic work of our incredible Sacramento-based advocacy team led by Willie Pelote and Matt Silverling, Assembly Bill 695 (Pacheco), which is sponsored by the Coalition of Probation Unions – including AFSCME Local 685 – has been pulled off the Senate Appropriations Suspense File on a vote of 6 to 0 and now goes to the Senate floor for a full vote. AB 695, if approved by the Senate, will then go back to the Assembly floor for concurrence, and then – if approved – move to the Governor’s desk for signature.

About AB 695

AB 695 would provide funding and oversight for a state-of-the-art, home-like facilities that promote care first treatment, therapeutics, and rehabilitation.

Home Like Environment – Improve individual living quarters with restroom amenities (toilets, sinks, etc.) and attached laundry room for self-help training.

  • Vocational and Life Skill Training Facilities – Technology education center, including computer labs with virtual vocational training by community-based agencies, such as financial literacy, computer coding, as well as automotive training center, culinary training facility, and amphitheater and stage for performing arts training.

  • Health and Welfare – Indoor gymnasium, onsite medical (acute care and pharmaceutical space), and mental clinics that are strategically located for quick response, safe and aesthetic outer areas, park like areas with basketball courts, handball courts, and garden scenery.

  • Visitor Center – Separate visiting facility located inside main structure where families and friends are in a secure environment but separated from the client population.

  • Transitional Facilities – Step-down facilities that offer less restricted environments for those who have graduated to that level of their stay and are close to release. (Possible apartments with five to ten units to enhance training on “Independent Living” capability.)

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