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BSCC Determination


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Yesterday, President Stacy Ford and Vice President Dwight Thompson, along with the President and First VP of SEIU Local 721, Bargaining Unit 702 (SDPOs), and the President and Secretary of AFSCME Local 1967 (PMA), attended the California Board of State and County Corrections (BSCC) meeting in Sacramento. The BSCC voted to accept the staff recommendation finding Los Padrinos and Barry J. Nidorf "suitable" for habitation by justice-involved youth. This is a significant milestone for our department, coming after a period of intense scrutiny and effort to address various compliance issues.


After the meeting, President Ford had a medical incident requiring medical attention and remains in Sacramento. Please keep him in your prayers. 🙏🏼


The LA County Probation Department had been out of compliance with the CA Welfare Code, including staffing, fire safety plans, safety checks, room confinement, use of force, searches, education programs, programs and recreation, and discipline. Through concerted efforts, collaboration, and significant sacrifices by members, progress has been made in addressing these concerns.


During discussions with Deputy Chief Epps, Deputy Chief Williams, and Jason Gonzales (Chief Council County of Los Angeles), there was a focus on ongoing compliance, particularly in staffing strategies. Linda Penner, the Board Chair, emphasized the importance of maintaining accurate staffing information and ongoing cooperation with the board. Strategies such as downloading daily staffing attendance were suggested, with the department expressing willingness to cooperate and implement necessary measures.


One notable initiative is the department's arrangement with the DA's office to have an on-site DA to review for early release, aiming to relieve crowding. Additionally, discussions on staffing deployment and strategies to improve staff satisfaction and education were highlighted.


Addressing specific compliance issues, the department assured the board that safety checks, room confinement procedures, and use of force training were being actively implemented. Efforts are also underway to enhance education programs, with talks ongoing with outside vendors to provide vocational training in various fields.


The final vote on the assessment measure was not unanimous, indicating a divided opinion within the board. While some members voted in favor due to the legal implications, others expressed reservations. It's clear that ongoing monitoring and inspection will be essential to ensure continued compliance.


While this assessment represents progress, it's essential to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring ongoing compliance and improvement within the department. We appreciate your dedication, hard work, and professionalism in upholding the integrity of the probation system.

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