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FAQs RE: Department Issues

60-day Assignment for Field Officers

Q: Who is being assigned to a 60-day assignment in DSB?

A: Only Full duty field officers are being reassigned.


Q: When does your 60-day assignment begin?

A: The first day you are reassigned and you leave your normal Field assignment.


Q: If you need to attend additional training before reporting to your reassigned item, does it count towards your 60-day assignment?

A: Yes. Additional training is included in the 60-day assignment period.


Q: How and when will you be notified that your 60-day assignment is ended?

A: The Union has not been given that specific information. Based upon the information we have, we recommend that you to count 60 days from the first day you left your normal Field operation and then email your Field office supervisor and manager that you will be returning to your normal assignment on that 61st date.


Home on Medical Status

Q: Why are staff being sent home on medical status?

A: Staff who have a medical restriction and have had an Interactive Process Meeting (IPM), the IPM may result in being relieve of duty and sent home based upon the IPM meeting. The Union is not involved in an individual’s medical restrictions (non-contractual matter).


Q: How long will a medically limited duty staff remain at home?

A: Staff will be returned to their normal worksite when their status is returned to full duty. Staff may be returned to a limited duty item that is offered by the Department as soon as possible.  Per Department, they may have between 125-180 limited duty field items available to staff that are home on medical.


Q: How will staff be selected for these positions.

A: The offering of these items will be based on a “first out” – “first in” basis.


Q: How long will these items be available for a staff?

A: The limited duty items will be temporary in nature and not a permanent item.


Pre-approved Time Off “before” Reporting to DSB Assignment

Q: Will I be allowed to take my approved time off request?

A: Because of the critical need to keep staffing ratios in compliance with BSCC requirements, the Department will be reviewing and approving approved time off on a case-by-case basis:

  • The Department will grant the approved time off if you have documentation such as a purchased travel ticket, hotel reservations, or other documentation showing the commitment and or the urgent or critical need to attend an event.

  • Without documentation, the Department will engage in a good-faith review of the operation to see if the approved time can be permitted or adjusted.

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