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From the Desk of the Chief Steward, 2nd VP – Jonathan Byrd

Below is the understanding between the Union and Management on Deployment:

  1. Field officers will be required and deployed 2 days a week out of their normal work schedule.

  2. No one will have their normal workdays changed by management because of deployment – this is called flexing which is not agreed upon. Overtime will be offered to those who work the weekend days.

  3. Any work done above the 40 hours in the week is considered overtime.

  4. Field officers will not be working a 10pm – 6am shift, if they have to report to their normal work schedule the next day in the morning.

  5. Light/limited duty staff will be deployed Monday – Friday, their normal schedule.

  6. Light/limited duty staff will not be afforded overtime. The staffing need is for full service supervision.

  7. Light/limited duty staff that is still being deployed because they have not received the proper notification (do not show up) and report to the worksite as scheduled for alternative hours will received the proper overtime according to our MOU.

  8. Grievances are to be filed by any individual who believes that they have been giving instructions in contrast to the ones stated above so that the issues can be properly addressed.

We understand all DPO field staff are being assigned shifts throughout the week and weekends. If you exceed the regular 40 hours, then you will be compensated accordingly.

Please join us at our next General Membership meeting on November 9, 2023, or contact your executive union team for further information if needed.


Jonathan Byrd

2nd Vice President and Chief Steward

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