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From the Desk of President Ford

Sisters and Brothers,


Just a few things to run by you.


We are working on the change you voted for. Believe me, it’s happening. We are working on it. We are in the process of stabilizing our Local 685 Executive Board. We cannot move forward until this Board is stabilized.


We need Union Stewards now. We need Union stewards in the FIELD, in the HALLS, CAMPS, TRANSPORTATION, DCFS, PRETRIAL, etc. We need at least two stewards per AREA OFFICE (one steward and an alternate; however, per our MOU, only one can operate at a time). We need Stewards on every shift in the CAMPS and HALLS.


Click here for the application to become a Union Steward upon approval by the Executive Board.


We also need members to sign up to participate at the Probation Oversight Commission. Click here for the application to participate upon approval by the Executive Board.


You voted for change; here it is. This is what change looks like. YOU, BEING INVOLVED.


Help me help you. Help me help you help us. Together, we can get things done. No more blaming the Executive Board for what is or is not happening. No more blaming the President (that would be me) when things don’t go as expected. We are in this struggle together. 


Together is how we win. We are one Department and one Union. Get on board, get involved, and let's get things done.

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