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Local 685 Supports AFSCME County Doctors Voting to Strike!

As County facilities – including Probation – face dangerously high post-Covid vacancy rates among medical and dental professionals, exacerbating what the Los Angeles Times revealed in 2020 was a "growing sense of hopelessness" among patients who "endure long, sometimes deadly delays to see medical specialists," County doctors, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals represented by our sister AFSCME Union, the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) are fighting back and demanding a fair contract that prioritizes recruitment and retention. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, the UAPD announced first to the new media and then to the Board of Supervisors that they were launching a strike vote, which concludes on Nov. 21. AFSCME Local 685 stood in solidarity with UAPD members and leaders on the steps of the Hall of Administration! Click here to read the news!

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