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Mediated Tentative Agreement Reached for Our Union Contract!

With the assistance of a State Mediator, the AFSCME Local 685 Executive Board has reached a Mediated Tentative Agreement with the County of Los Angeles on a successor Memorandum of Understanding for 2022-25 for Bargaining Unit 701, which covers wages and working conditions for:

· Deputy Probation Officers

· Detention Services Officers

· Group Supervisors

· Group Supervisors Nights

· Pretrial Investigators and Investigator Aids

· Transportation Deputies

· Transportation Workers

The Mediated Tentative Agreement covers:

· Cost of living adjustments totaling 12% over 3 years,

· A signing bonus of $1,375,

· Special bonus assignments of 5.5%,

· A training and wellness fund of $500,000, and

· A commitment by the County to continue professionalizing the juvenile halls.

Details will be released next week, and keep an eye out for ballots, which will be mailed via USPS to your homes.

If you have moved recently, please email your new mailing address to, or call our Union at (213) 386-5860, ASAP to assure that you receive a ballot.

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michelle madrigal
michelle madrigal
Jul 13, 2023

When can we expect to see the money agreed to in the most recent contract? We have not been updated about this tentative agreement since last told the BOS would need to approve. Please communicate with Probation staff.

Local 685 Executive Board
Local 685 Executive Board
Jul 13, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for calling this to our attention- we will definitely get an egram out ASAP! In the meantime, here is what we currently know: Approximately 45 days from today for the bonus of $1375. 60 - 90 days for retro pay after final approval by Board of Supervisors. --Barb Maynard on behalf of the Local 685 Executive Board

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