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News from AFSCME Local 685


Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

It’s 3:30 AM and I am in my office at home writing. This is normal for me to be up at this hour writing. I usually write in the early morning hours because that’s when my brain works best. Sometimes I am working on future book projects (I do have a life outside of probation) but lately I have been working on projects related to the union.

In this article, I want to address the importance of knowing and understanding the Local 685 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), also known as our contract. I also want to put an emphasis on working together. As President, Executive Board members, Union Stewards, and Local 685 Members, it is important that we know and understand our MOU. This is our bible. Our MOU is what we have in place to protect our rights and defend ourselves from abuse by Probation management, Board of Supervisors, Probation Oversight Commissioners, community-based organization leaders, and others. The MOU is the rock we stand on!

I have to admit that sometimes I have to ask the Union attorney what certain language means. I’m not an attorney, so having one near me and available is important. Moving forward, our Executive Board members that you elected, and our union stewards will be well trained to defend our MOU. We will be attending major training events that will prepare us with the tools, resources, and knowledge that we need to be successful.

As your President, I must also attend training sessions so that I may be well equipped. As we prepare to rebrand this department and our Union, there will be training available to the general membership. I encourage you to attend. My parents said to me when I was a little guy, “Learn what you can; knowledge is power.”

On another note, may I say this. We are one department. We are one Union. We must not divide ourselves by title. GSNs, DSOs, Sr DSOs, DPOs 1-2-3, Transportation Deputies, DCFS, Pretrial, etc. – we are one. Look at it this way: We are all on the same ship with different functions. Each function supports the other.

Let’s work together and show the public that we are Probation. If we don’t work together, we won’t exist. I’ll leave that right there.

For those of you who pray, pray for your Union leadership that we remain healthy.


A Message from the 685 Election Committee

Dear Members,

Due to information received by the Election Committee regarding the January 11, 2024, runoff election for the positions of 1st vice president and treasurer, there will be a second runoff election.

After deliberating with the election committee and consulting with AFSCME international, the integrity of the election process should be equitable to all members.

Ballots for the aforementioned positions will be mailed out on February 2, 2024.

All ballots must be received at the post office no later than March 4, 2024.

Ballots can NOT be picked up from or dropped off to the local.

All ballots MUST be mailed.

All the best,

685 Election Committee



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