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President's Message: Bargaining Update

Dear Members,

Your Executive Board has been hard at work protecting our MOU/Bargaining Contract rights that our Union has fought for years to achieve.

The negotiation process is proceeding slowly but thoroughly. We have had several sessions with the CEO’s office and have tentatively agreed on many of the articles in the MOU that are important to every member of Local 685.

We have reached a Tentative Agreement on the following:

  1. Cost of living adjustment (COLA) over 3 years.

  2. Signing bonus.

  3. Training Funds.

  4. New language on Wellness and Training.

  5. Established a career track promotional ladder to DPO I, II, and III in the Detention Services Bureau.

The major concerns of Local 685 members have been heard. We are still fighting to addressing in detail the following items:

  • Safety and Security of staff that work in the juvenile halls.

  • Negotiating a permanent solution to the staffing crisis in juvenile institutions.

  • Retroactive pay for the COLA and special assignments.

  • Secure Youth Treatment Facility (formerly DJJ).

  • Maintaining viable language on Reassignments and Promotions (Article 16).

  • Bonuses for several units in the Department.

  • Reducing deployments and fighting proposed changes to transfers.

While we have made significant progress in bargaining, there remain very important matters that are still on the bargaining table that we yet to reach tentative agreement on. As professional probation-peace officers, we will never stop fighting to be recognized for the dedication and support that every single member brings to the Probation Department, as well as to the Department of Children and Family Services.

We are stronger when we work together, and your Executive Board needs your support as we move forward to complete negotiations and present the Tentative Agreement to the membership for ratification.

We pledge to send weekly updates as we move forward. Solidarity Forever!


Hans Liang


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