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Spotlight on a Superhero: Yuri Williams

Yuri Williams is a Probation Officer with the Orange County Probation Department. Officer Williams credits the time he spent at Central Juvenile Hall and the Centinela Area Office with his mother, Deputy Probation Officer Lynda C. Hubbard, as the time that helped encourage him to create something different to help others who face some of life’s challenges. In addition to being a PO, after losing his mother to cancer, Williams founded a non-profit organization called Future Superhero and Friends. Through this work, Officer stays alive in his heart as he continues her legacy of making changes in the lives of the people with whom she worked.


Williams has made a tradition of traveling across all 50 states during the holiday season. Using his vacation days from his work at Orange County, he visits the homes of sick children to bring cheer through their favorite superhero characters and to provide gifts like new gaming systems and Baby Yoda dolls.


He also visits homeless veterans in Los Angeles, providing them with hygiene kits, clothing, food, and gift cards. He also organizes art classes meant to help them cope with their struggles.


Now Officer Williams is preparing for this year’s 50-state tour. He will show his new film about his work entitled, “Hope for the Holidays.” The film will be shown August 10, 2024, at the Art Theatre in Long Beach (we promise to remind you!).

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