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Should a dedicated training and Research & Development center include employee development and employee wellness programs?

To all members who participated in our past Thought Exchange surveys, thank you. Over the two Exchanges, we had 177 participants, 204 thoughts were shared, and 2,345 ratings of others’ thoughts on how they aligned with your feelings on the subject – that’s serious engagement!

We have used the valuable information to educate the CA Legislature this year as public safety “reform” (aka “defund”) organizations launched a full frontal attack on the role, purpose, and mission of rank & file probation officers.

Thanks to the hard work of our Executive Board, strongly bolstered by your voices through these Exchanges, we successfully stopped numerous bills that would have undercut our mission, our jobs, and our ability to defend ourselves and the youth we oversee in the Institutions.

As we go into a new legislative season in January, some of these negative bills will re-emerge and we are prepared to fight to the finish to assure that they are not signed into law. But we are also going on the offensive, proposing language to improve training and wellness for Local 685 members working in the L.A. County Probation Department. We encourage you to participate in this new Thought Exchange to help support and guide the way!

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