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Update on Deployment; Possible Camp Consolidation

Update on Deployment

Today, the Interim Chief disseminated a message regarding deployment, including a new schedule for deployment of Field Deputies. As we work through these troublesome times, our Union is constantly advocating for minimal disruptions to your current work assignments and family obligations.

We encourage everyone who is able – and for whom it is safe given holdover schedules – to report to work at your assigned times. The minors and young adults in our care rely on us to keep them safe and help them move their lives forward!

Potential Consolidation of Camp Paige & Afflerbaugh

On March 7, 2023, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) directed the Probation Department to explore the “consolidation of the three east County Probation Camps (Rockey, Paige, and Afflerbaugh) into two camps.” Local 685 has been advised that the Department is “preliminarily” looking at population and staffing needs.

The Department has informed us as follows: “At this time, there is no definitive decision to close Camp Paige, however, in the event we move forward with a plan for consolidation, we intend to meet with our labor partners so we can provide ample notification and have answers to questions" from employees.

We will share more information as it becomes available and will and be able to answer the questions of those who would be affected as we receive information.

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