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AFSCME Local 685's Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to introduce you to our 2021 AFSCME Local 685 Scholarship winners, who are truly an interesting group of teens. We have selected high school grads that are children of Local 685 members as well as a few special young men and ladies on our caseloads that we truly believe are special – and will be successful with just a little push from us. We are indeed proud of these young people that have been nominated by Local 685 members and we look forward to hearing great things from them!

We normally recognize these young people during our Annual Banquet; however, due to the pandemic we have been forced to postpone the event several times and we did not want to forget about these young people!

Michael Glenn

"I [am] attending Howard University this fall and majoring in criminology. I’m 18 years old from Long Beach and I love to read manga (Japanese comedy) ride my bike, play video games, and spend time with family. I play three instruments: the trumpet, trombone, and baritone. Since I was young I’ve had a dream to become a detective, thus the reason for me majoring in criminology to get the education I need in order to fulfill my dream."

E’lexes Flowers

"It is with much pleasure that I strongly recommend E’lexes Flowers to the College or University of her choice. I’ve had the privilege to be Ms. Flowers's High School Office Manager and ASB Coordinator during her high school career. E’lexes is a natural born leader, a diligent young lady, and brings forth a positive attitude to all dynamics. I have witnessed Ms. Flowers advocate for herself and others in difficult decision making. Ms. Flowers has a warm assertive personality and is caring and respectful of teachers, staff, and those she works under. She is not just academically focused but also career driven. E’lexes’ grit and determination for her success is unmatched and admirable."

– Ms. Shantoria Goodman, Associate Student Body Manager

Kayla Lankford

"This year I was involved in the Science Club, I received an award for good attendance, I received my drivers permit, and I volunteered with my Double Dutch team teaching others how to Double Dutch. I volunteer at my church giving food away to people in need. Every Christmas, my family also donates toys and gifts for kids that are in need. I set up a lemonade stand and sold lemonade giving a portion of the money to the Children’s Hospital for cancer research. I am attending El Camino College in Gardena where I am studying nursing. I plan to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing and plan to become a Registered Nurse and work in a hospital."

Angel Elijah Cruz

"I maintained a high GPA at Lancaster High School and am now attending the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) seeking a Business Degree. My mother is Deputy Probation Officer Havan Ngo."

Devlin Hennington

"I am a recent graduate of Redondo Union High School and I graduated with a 3.4 GPA. I am one of three children raised by a single mother. I applied to 12 schools and was accepted to 10. I am aspiring to complete a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Business/ Retail or Finance. I am a math wizard and a problem solver. I have chosen to attend San Jose State University."

Margalit Obrucicova

Ms. Obrucicova is Probation foster youth who – against all odds – made the requirements and has been accepted to San Diego State University, which she began a few weeks ago. She is planning to earn a psychology Degree.

Gerardo Colunga-Cabrera

"I am the second child in my family, and I have an older brother who has MS who attended Pierce College; however, he had to stop as his illness got worse. Therefore, I will be the first to graduate from college in my family. I graduated high school in June 2021 and am now attending Los Angeles Valley College. I currently have a job in a warehouse and I plan to attend college to study Forensic Science."

Joe Montji

"I'm attending College of the Canyons and majoring in business. I'm going to fulfill my goal to start a business and I want to go to college to learn the right way to successfully start my business and invest my money professionally. While attending college, I want to learn the different life skills, such as communication skills and investing. I want to be able to write and speak in a professional manner."

Kennedy J. Fryson

"By nature, I am a selfless person who loves being a team player. While attending Louisiana State University, I will approach each day from a place of relentless positivity so that both my colleagues and I are pushed to do our best. After graduation, I plan to carry the many lessons and skills I gain from Louisiana State University to every job and company I work for. I am dedicated to establishing a medical infrastructure, in some way or form, within disadvantaged communities, and I am confident that Louisiana State University has the resources and opportunities I need to begin that journey."

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