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County Unions Unite to Deliver!

Dear Members,

After a months-long campaign of 16 L.A. County unions collectively representing 85,000 workers – including the strong voice of AFSCME Local 685 – in which we united to demand a fair pay raise to counter high levels of inflation, SEIU Local 721 has reached a tentative agreement with the County of Los Angeles.

The three-year agreement includes:

2022: 5.5% pay increase, plus $1,375 bonus.

2023: 3.25% pay increase

2024: 3.25% pay increase

Click here to learn more.

Now that the “general movement” pattern has been set (and we will NOT accept less than 12% tentatively approved by SEIU Local 721), your Union will focus on the core departmental issues of concern to us all, including:

· Officer safety;

· Promotional opportunities; and

· Special pay practices for education and dangerous assignments.

Reminder – there is no Union without YOU, so be prepared to join the contract campaign as it unfolds.

In solidarity,

Hans Liang


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