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It’s time to rally to save our jobs and our profession!

Dear Members,

The Probation Department is critically short staffed at Central Juvenile Hall – 50% of the staff on the 10-6 shift called out and 24 staff were held over on the 2-10 shift – and is in need of volunteers to work this shift and receive paid overtime.

Our Department needs GSNs for the 10:00-6:00 shift and DSO/DPOs for the AM and PM shifts for Sunday.

If the juvenile halls are shut down for critical staffing shortages, jobs could be lost.

Please immediately contact your colleagues and have them volunteer to work and receive paid overtime. Volunteers can show up at CJH or contact the OD at CJH and BJN to receive their assignments.

It’s time to rally to save our jobs and our profession. We must work together with the Probation Department to save jobs and keep the Institutions.


Your Local 685 Executive Board

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