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Local 685 Prevails in Push to Recognize Danger in Halls; Temporary Pay Increase for Halls Staff

Local 685 received notification from the Chief Executive Officer that the County has declared a “manpower shortage” in the Probation Department due to the ongoing staffing shortage at the Halls resulting from many members recovering at home after being assaulted by juveniles.

Over the past few months, the Local 685 Executive Board has strongly disagreed with numerous “solutions” brought forward by management. This new pay practice recognizes the dangerous work environment while incentivizing members who work in the Halls (permanently and temporarily).

Specifically, effective tomorrow (Saturday, 10/1) the County is providing:

  • A 20% temporary pay increase above the normal rate of pay for hours worked in the Halls; and

  • Double time rate for overtime worked in the Halls instead of the “traditional time and a half.”

These “economic incentives” will last sixty days and will be “re-evaluated” at the end of the sixty-day period. Click here to read letter.

We will continue to monitor this practice to insure that it is equitably applied to all Local 685 members.

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