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Mandatory BSCC Training for CJH Staff

The Department has notified us that, beginning Monday, October 18, Central

Central Juvenile Hall (CJH) will be hosting a 4-hour mandatory Board of State Community Corrections (BSCC) training for all CJH staff.

This training is a result of the recent areas of non-compliance with BSCC and will focus on Suitability for Regulation 1354.5 (Room Confinement) and Regulation 1358.5 (Use of Mechanical Restraints for Movement within Facility).

IMPORTANT-- All CJH staff will be paid overtime to attend the required mandatory classes.

The classes are as follow:

Shift: 6 am – 2 pm…Training: 2 pm – 6 pm

Shift: 2 pm – 10 pm…Training: 10 am – 2 pm

Shift: 10 pm – 6 am…Training: 6 am – 10 am

All CJH staff should make every effort to attend these training classes so that we can do our part in meeting BSCC compliance notice.

The Department hopes this training will provide clarity and assist with meeting our goal for compliance and suitability by the next BSCC Board Meeting scheduled for November 18, 2021.

We know DSB staff are up for the challenge of meeting the BSCC compliance notice, and we want all members to attend and demonstrate excellent work ethic.

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