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Our Union is Under Attack!

Photo source: Accountable Northwest

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As our Executive Board pushes to secure a union contract, enhance officer safety, secure pro-probation funding in Sacramento, represent falsely maligned members, and save our profession as probation peace officers, there are those seeking to divide us for personal and political gain.

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” These are tough times, but do not take the bait. History has shown time and again that we win when we are united and with so much at stake, this is a time to strengthen – not weaken – our alliance.

Who is Behind These Efforts?

There are a number of disgruntled retirees who have been stirring up division for quite some time (and why they aren’t just enjoying their retirement is anyone’s best guess!), but the main campaign to destroy our profession and our Union is an organization funded by anti-government, anti-union billionaires like Charles Koch, Lynne and Harry Bradley, Adolph Coors, Ed Uihlein, and Daniel Searle, called the “Freedom Foundation.”

What Does the Freedom Foundation Want?

They want to take away workers’ collective voice through unions, dismantle government, cut public services, and privatize our work. Think this sounds like a conspiracy theory? Follow the money and you will see the facts (click here to read about the Bradley Foundation’s $1.5 million grant to the Freedom Foundation).

What Do You Stand to Lose?

  • MEDICAL BENEFITS: Any current member of Local 685 who opts to cancel their membership with our Union will no longer have access to the CAPE medical plans during open enrollment in October for plan year 2024. You will only be able to enroll in a Cigna or Kaiser medical plan, which may result in having to change physicians and additional out-of-pocket expenses.

  • A VOICE IN THE FUTURE OF OUR UNION: Non-members are not allowed to vote on our Union contract, run for the Local 685 Executive Board, or vote in Union elections.

  • POWER: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Labor unions improve wages and working conditions for all workers… Unions help reduce wage gaps for women workers and workers of color. Union members have better job safety protections and better-paid leave than non-union workers, and are more secure exercising their rights in the workplace.” Being in the Union brings better wages and benefits to every one of us – and to all working families. Click here to see the facts.

Where Can I Get the Real Union News?

There are a number of anonymous and outsider-run Facebook and Instagram pages that have popped up professing to have the “real news.” These are fake and often loaded with lies and unsubstantiated rumors (why else would the people behind the pages and posts refuse to post to their name?). To get the real Union news, consider the following – and only these – sources:

And of course, members are encouraged to attend and actively participate in Union meetings. Click here for a complete list of 2023 dates.

Together we shall rise!

In solidarity,

Local 685 Executive Board

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