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Update on Contract

From the Desk of the Chief Steward

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

At the July 13th General Membership meeting, I reported that members would be getting one check around August 15, 2023. Since then, the County has provided an updated schedule, which is – to quote the County – “a little different than we discussed late last week” and this information is “coming straight from Auditor with fairly high confidence.”

The following is the latest information we have, but of course this is always subject to change until finalized by the Board of Supervisors:

  • 7/30/23: Paycheck will include one time payment

  • 8/15/23: Paycheck will include 5.5% retro back to 7/1/2022 (approx. 1 year of 5.5% retro)

  • 8/30/23: Paycheck will include 3.25% Retro back to 7/1/2023 (approx. 1.5 months of 3.25% retro)

The 2022 COLA retro will not hit until 8/15/23 as, according to the County, “it just takes a little longer to input than the one-time payment.”

As a reminder, the following is a summary of the changes in the successor MOU:

We appreciate your patience during this arduous process.

In solidarity,

Jonathan Byrd, Chief Steward

Second Vice President

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