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We Heard You Loud & Clear

Recently, Local 685 members, along with SDPOs and Managers, were invited to participate in a "Thought Exchange" to share concerns about the challenges we are all facing in these turbulent times. We heard you loud and clear and are bringing these critical items up to the Department for discussion and resolution. Specifically, the following are the highest rated concerns expressed by ThoughtExchange participants:

  • Promotions need to be fair and transparent.

  • Safety is a universal concern, not just for the kids but also for the staff. The Department does not have adequate safety protocols for staff in the institutions or field.

  • Youth must be held accountable for their actions – fighting, assaulting officers, refusing to attend school, etc. – so they can learn appropriate social behavior. Without consequences, youth become repeat offenders and do not respect others. "Youth do not grow out of violence."

  • Staff morale is at an all-time low. Management must support and listen to staff, so everyone is safe and more productive.

  • Staff needs training on how to solve problems.

  • The Department needs to do a better job communicating with staff about what’s going on in the Department and in the bureaus. Staff is kept in the dark about changes, lowering morale and causing stress.

We are now inviting you to participate in a new ThoughtExchange, specifically to guide your Union – and the Department – in developing a training curriculum regarding the 707B offenders that have historically been sent to DJJ but are now being housed and supervised locally. Specifically, here is the question that we want your input on (click here):

As of July 1, 707B offenders will be housed and supervised locally, in County Probation facilities. What type of training is needed for staff and youth safety, and rehabilitation for these juveniles?

Click here for a link to the new Exchange. This Exchange will be open until Friday, August 6, so make your voice heard! Remember that you can return to the Exchange as often as you want during the discussion window to review and rate others’ comments or add new comments!

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