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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

An urgent message from President Hans Liang:

The Probation Department has advised us that there are currently 650 employees, the majority represented by Local 685, that have not complied with the County’s requirement to register on the Fulgent system and get tested.

Emails and letters were sent to all employees on October 29, 2021, informing them that they had 45 days to comply with registration and testing protocols. This 45th day expires on December 13, 2021, and the Department will impose discipline on all employees who have not complied by registering, testing, and applying for an exemption.

We understand the concerns raised by Sheriff Villanueva in his November 29, 2021, letter; however, the contract between the County and Fulgent protects your personal health information and Fulgent's PCR testing does not capture or sequence DNA samples. Click here to read the email from Lisa Garrett, L.A. County Director of Personnel.

IMPORTANT: Despite the ongoing impasse and fact finding on this subject and the fact that we are investigating the allegations against Fulgent, the County is proceeding to implement their corrective action plan and will be disciplining those who do not comply. In doing so, the County is relying on the fact that we are in an ongoing emergency public health crisis.

Please protect your job and avoid discipline by complying with County management's emergency corrective action plan by December 13, 2021.

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