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June 2022 - Primary Election Voter Guide

After careful consideration and many interviews, the AFSCME Local 685 Executive Board has endorsed the following candidates for the June 2022 Primary: L.A. County Board of Supervisors District 3 | Robert "Bob" Hertzberg

L.A. County Superior Court Judges Seat 60 | Abby Baron Seat 67 | Fernanda Barreto Seat 70 | Eric Torices Seat 116 | David Gelfound (Incumbent) Seat 118 | Keith Koyano Seat 156 | Carol Elswick (Incumbent)

City of Los Angeles – Mayor Karen Bass

California State Assembly

District 40 | Annie Cho District 41 | Chris Holden (Incumbent) District 43 | Laura Friedman (Incumbent) District 61/62 | Robert Pullen Miles District 64 | Blanca Pacheco District 65 | Mike Gipson (Incumbent)

California State Senate

District 28 | Lola Smallwood-Cuevas District 30 | Bob Archuleta (Incumbent)

California Attorney General

Rob Bonta (Incumbent)

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