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L.A. County Supervisors Acknowledge Need For Substantial Pay Raise

Local 685 Revising Bargaining Proposals

Yesterday, the Department of Human Resources, unquestionably with the approval of at least 3 members of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors (if not more), posted three new open competitive positions in the newly created Department of Youth Development (DYD):

The two rank and file positions (Ambassador and Specialist) require just one year of experience working with youth and have a top annual pay of $104,772 and $116,772 respectively. The supervisory position requires just two years of experience and offers a salary $141,544. None of these newly-posted positions require a background check or degree.

  • The pay for the Youth Development Ambassador is 46% more than a top step DSO.

  • The pay for the Youth Development Specialist is 19% more than that of a DPOII at the top step.

  • The pay for the Youth Development Supervisor is 31% more than a top step SDSO.

Further, these posted salary ranges are significantly higher than the social workers, mental health workers, and other degreed professionals who serve the youth.

This is a clear and unequivocal signal that the Board of Supervisors believes that County employees who work with justice-involved youth should be paid significantly more than we are currently paid – particularly with our advanced degrees. This represents a substantial change in the County’s bargaining position; therefore, our Lead Negotiator is preparing a new package of contract proposals to align our pay with those in the DYD.

As has previously been announced, the Coalition of Probation Unions is holding a rally at the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, August 16, starting at 10:00 AM. This is your chance to make your voice heard and show solidarity to assure officer safety and a fair contract!


In June 2022, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) exercised their discretion to create a new Department of Youth Development. Although the Coalition of Probation Unions (AFSCME Local 685, the SDPOs union, SEIU Local 721, and the Professional Managers Association, AFSCME Local 1967) advocated strongly against the creation of this new department, the BOS exercised their power to move forward with their plan. As the certified bargaining agent of rank-and-file officers in the Probation Department, we will continue to fight to protect the Department’s funding and our jobs.

*Local 685 and SDPO MOUs, top step as of 1/1/21.

**Department of Human Resources, PROB-Examinations, 8/3/22.

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07 de ago. de 2022

Why the Union President Hans Liang ignoring his mandatory fiduciary duty come to my immediate assistance as require by both state and federal labor laws and by all my union contract rights. Nothing changes all these decades and my personal and professional dignity still intact. THIS ABANDON UNION MEMBER AND DPO NEEDS HELP NOT APATHY BY THIS UNION.

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