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Local 685 Members Sound Off on 8/16 Probation Rally!

“On 8/16/22, I had the pleasure to attend a long-time coming Probation Rally at the BOS offices. I saw a sea of green shirts representing officers and supervisors in attendance. The unity and cohesiveness observed last Tuesday was beautiful. All the speakers present were on point and addressed the needs of staff in camps, halls, and the field. The needs of the staff present were addressed by all the presenters at the podium. I enjoyed the UNITY present at the rally. The BOS thinks this is a done deal. But they forgot that we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” – DPO Miller

“Sometimes I feel alone when dealing with the challenges of the department and in my position. Oftentimes it feels that the Board of Supervisors doesn’t take our sincere and meaningful concerns seriously. The morale in the department is the lowest I've experienced in some time. Attending the rally encouraged us and gave us the boost we need to fight a little longer. We are hopeful! Thank you 685 and all others that came to let us know that we are not alone!” – Vicki Vale

“The rally was good because it showed solidarity and addressed the current unacceptable issues that we are experiencing on a daily basis. The sister who spoke on behalf of her deceased brother from CJH was touching and eye-opening. I hope the Board of Supervisors heard her and realizes the seriousness of staff safety or rather the lack of.” – Phillipa Tucker

“The rally was so empowering. Our solidarity was strong, and the message was certainly sent to the Board of Supervisors.” – Jamie B.

“I liked the rally because we showed up and showed out. The energy was contagious. There is always strength in numbers. When we rally in numbers with powerful voices around powerful issues, we get positive results. The rally showed that we are fired up and ready to fight for our rights.” – Claire Roberson

“The rally was very productive. The turnout was impressive, and it shows how fed up all employees are. I want to thank 685 for giving us a platform to demonstrate our frustration. The Board of Supervisors will be held responsible. We'll continue to rally until our voice is heard.” – Stacy Ford

“The Local 685 Union Rally displayed our Unity and strength. When we are united, we can surmount any challenges and accomplish any goal.” – Stacy Ford

“I really liked the rally – it was my first. It was nice to see so many of us there, fighting for the same cause. This rally not only brought us together, but united so many of us in the fight for justice and our rights. I got to see my work family, we laughed and reminisce even, with the ones I had just met. As you said, strength in numbers, well we are definitely strong! – Josie Gudino

Watch the video here:

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