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Transparent Leadership – A New Approach?

The first step for Karen Fletcher, Interim Probation Chief, is to show her care, support, compassion, and protection for the health and safety of employees that have dedicated their lives and careers to rehabilitate youth and supervise adult probationers.

As a core fundamental principle, no organization (public, private, non-profit, community based, etc.) can be successful without employees.

And evidence shows that employees that feel appreciated and valued for their services are more productive. To be “transformative” and “make differences in the lives of others,” employees need to feel safe and secure in their work environment.

AFSCME Local 685 is committed to working with the new interim probation executive leadership team to bring about much-needed organizational culture change.

First Things First

  • Employee morale is at an all-time low; stress and burnout abound.

  • Employees do not feel safe and secure in working in the juvenile halls.

  • The Department must bring accountability and control to the Juvenile Halls and take immediate action against youth that assault staff.

Prolonged Bargaining for a Successor Contract

We are in prolonged bargaining for a successor contract, eager for the County to implement the negotiated pay raise and signing bonus but refusing to permanently exchange our fundamental associational rights for these financial benefits. Our goals:

  • Settle the bargaining contract.

  • Employee jobs and work assignments are not interchangeable.

  • Demand that the Department provide training and the necessary tools to be safe at work.

  • The Department must support for employee wellness.

Another Chapter

We have worked through successive leadership changes before. Your AFSCME Local 685 Executive Board will continue to vigorously represent your interests and fight to protect your employment rights. This includes the right to work in a safe and secure working environment.

Your Executive Board will keep you informed on changes in the Probation Department.


Your Local 685 Executive Board

Solidarity Forever, United We Stand, We are Stronger When We Work Together?

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